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  • Agent Empowerment

    pilaar_corp_01 To quickly and efficiently fulfill customer needs, your agents must have easy access to accurate data. Customer information and history, decision aids, electronic forms, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities -- all must be readily accessible to the agent in an integrated user interface, available within all communication channels.

  • Web Experience Management

    gemeente With Green Valley’s WCMS your organization has a sophisticated content management system with a powerful management environment. The web content is separated from the design, making it possible for the content to be managed by its owner, while the design can be hosted elsewhere.

  • Self-Service & Community

    pilaar_objectfoto_02 Your customers are a valuable source of information. They can even help your organization with idea generation and prioritization, problem solving, and decision making. Why not utilize them? Green Valley’s eParticipation platform offers an ideal solution for crowd-sourcing.

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Software is often too complex - too many buttons, functions and clicks to get something done.  Green Valley’s WCMS has been developed from the philosophy that software should be pleasant and easy to use, without compromising on performance and advanced publishing capabilities.

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All Green Valley products are designed by ergonomists and specialized software interaction designers. The Green Valley WCMS is also distinguished by the ease of use and approachable management.  The system assists the user with every step and decision -- allowing you to accomplish as much as possible, with as few operations as possible!

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